Interop. VB6

Consuming .net Assemblies from VB6

-Basic COM interop

I spent a lot of time with my first interop project going through all the resources I could find on the subject. I found that many of the articles I managed to dig up did not cover the basics needed to get a simple ineterop project up and running.
Another lack in the existing library of interop articles is the bias towards writing articles describing the consumtion of COM libraries from .Net. My need has allways been the other way around: consuming .Net assemblies from VB6.
The best guide I found where a 15 seconds article by Patrick Steele: COM Interop Exposed. This article adressed most, if not all, of the issues i ran into with my first interop project. It also goes through the background needed for someone not previously exposed to the COM way of thinking to understand enough of what's going on behind the scenes.
My goal for this article is to make a basic step by step guide on getting the very simplest interop project up and running in your development enviroment.


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