About me and this blog

Once upon a time my mother came home with a book called "Object oriented programming with Turbo Pascal", and a set of floppys with the Borland compiler and development enviroment. I was only 12 years old, so I never became a Pascal master, but it sparked my interest for development.

Over the years this interest have evolved into a passion for software development and craftsmanship.

Being a father of three wonderful children, takes a lot of the time I previously would have used for various personal projects. But I have a couple of ideas I hope to realize.

I have gotten a lot out of reading the blogs of other developers over the years, and figured It might be due for me to contribute some myself. Hopefully my contributions will be of equally great help for someone out there looking for a solution to their problem.

Please enjoy, and do leave a comment, or contact me on twitter if you want.