Why I now really like Audible, and why I'm a hypocrite with regards to DRM.

fifth_elephant.jpgFor just about one year ago I finally signed up for one of the many offers Audible gives out to get a free audiobook of my choice. I spent some time making my choice and ended up with The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett, as I am a big fan of his Discworld series of novels.

But, when time came to listen to my audiobook, I gave up.
Audible locks up their books in a proprietary format. And to download a book, and transfer it to a device for playback, I had to download their equally proprietary software. This software could only transfer audio to devices they explicitly supported. And my device of choice at the time, a Nokia E75 mobile phone, was not supported.
Being lazy, I did not bother to try and break the DRM. I simply gave up.


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