Catching up


Photo by Eran Finkle (CC license)

It has been nearly one year since the previous update to my blog.

A year!

I'm not sure how to continue after one year of nothing.

Do I just write a normal post, and pretend that a one year interval is quite what one should expect?

Do I write a long post, apologizing to my (non existing) loyal readers that have patiently been chekcing my blog week after week?

Or perhaps I should do the "I've-got-renewed-motivation-and-will-blog-regularly-every-other-day" post?

At the very the very least, I should do a quick summary of where I am now with regards to projects I was doing a year ago:

The abandonded ones

  • My endeavour into VB6 testing has ended.

    It ended partly because writing the tests was so verbose that one could probably publish a novel, or at least a collection of shorts with them.
    But mostly it ended because the projects I wanted to test was very coupled to UI, and dependant upon messageboxes. The task of automating the UI for a regression test suite would have been monumental, and I could not defend spending the time there.

  • The proof-of-concept Simple.Data mocking tool has allso been retired. Simple.Data now has a really neat in-memory provider that suits most testing needs. Doing my own thing just isn't providing any extra value.

What lives on

I still maintain the Simple.Data mysql provider, and have made some improvements to it over the past year.

Now, where to go from here?

Any post before another year passes will be a step in the right direction.
Maybe If I tried making the posts slightly shorter?
But I find that difficult.
I am a very verbose guy.
And I ramble.
Sometimes a lot.